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MFP Short Stories


Kelsey was a normal 15 year old girl. her dream was to meet Rhett and Link. today would be her lucky day. She was going to Vidcon 2016 with her friend Sarah. they arrived at the Anaheim convention center with her dad. They went in and went to see Miranda first. It was amazing. Next they went to see jacksfilms then smosh. They were all so cool and though she was personally freaking out she enjoyed it. Soon they got on line to meet Rhett and link. Kelsey started getting extremely nervous. “you ok Kelsey?” Sarah asked. she nodded. They were three people away from meeting her heroes. They helped through her parents divorce, her other friend Liana’s death and her uncle being diagnosed with cancer. She hoped she could keep her composure. They were next and Sarah approached followed by Kelsey. “hey girls” link said sweetly which made Kelsey feel like melting. “hey Rhett and Link were big fans but my friend Kelsey is a little shy.” Sarah told them. they bent to Kelsey’s level, cause she’s short, and smiled. “you don’t need to be shy” Rhett said and put his hand on her shoulder. “can I uh hug you?’ Kelsey asked them. They nodded and she gave them a huge hug. Tears built in her eyes. They signed their posters and took pictures. Later they went home and she’s never been so happy.

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Living fame

I am Justine Neal. I am the younger, not known daughter of sue and Charles Neal. my brother link is three years older. he never mentioned me before because I didn’t want the fame of my brother to ruin my life. I’m proud of him, really I am. me, link and Rhett used to play games together all the time, but since I’m a girl, once he reached teen years, we didn’t play anymore. I didn’t mind too much. I had lots of friends. soon he moved off to college and met Christy. I had known Christy since 8th grade. we had went to the same dance class. I hated her. she was always picking on me and tripping me. I never told anyone. when he said he was dating her I hated him and her. but once they said they were getting married I knew there was nothing I could do. they rushed into as well. I was starting to resent my brother. soon Rhett and his girlfriend got married and pretty soon link and Christy were expecting. I didn’t talk much to him after that. I started college and got a degree in vet technicians. I got a job as a well respected vet and soon Rhett, link and their familes moved off to LA and I knew id never talk to him after that.  after a few months of them moving away I was sitting in my house watching tv when my hone rang. I looked and link was calling me. I answered.

J: hello?

Lily: hey its lily

J: oh, um is there something wrong lily?

lily: no just wanted to call. wanna visit soon?

J: I wish but I don’t have the money to

lily: don’t worry my dad already booked a flight for a week from now, anyway I gotta go, moms starting teaching, bye aunt justy love you



he booked the flight? aunt justy? she has never called me that before. I barely saw her even when she was in NC. maybe he realized what he did hurt me a lot.

~week later~

I arrived at the airport and looked around. I saw a tall 6’7″ man standing and beside him a man I knew very well. my brother. Charles Lincoln Neal III.  I approached them nervously. they pulled me into a tight hug.

R: we missed you Justine

L: were so sorry

J: why are you two sorry, I shunned you guys.

L: but we didn’t bother trying to find out why, but were glad to see you.

link gave me another hug before  we went to his house. when we showed up lily ran to me holding a small dog, jade I believe followed by Lincoln then I think it was lando.

all: aunt justy

I gave them all hugs and they smiled. locke and shepard were there too. I gave them hugs then saw Jessie and Christy. I liked Jessie but not sure bout Christy. Jessie came over and gave me a hug and then suddenly… Christy ran over in tears and hugged me so tightly.

Ch: justy!!!! my sister in law!!! I missed you so much. were all so sorry…im so sorry

I hugged her back and now my family was reunited.

Justine Neal, Link Neal, Rhett Mclaughlin, Christy Neal, Jessie Mclaughlin, Lily Neal, Locke Mclaughlin, Lincoln Neal, Shepard Mcalughlin, Lando Neal and Jade big happy family.


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